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Uzbekistan tours
Uzbekistan is a country with an ancient history and the culture having more than 25 centuries, with legendary fantastic Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva cities. Uzbekistan is:
- oriental hospitality and goodwill, exotic, abundance of noisy and picturesque markets;
- warm stable weather-10 months a year;
- hotels, restaurants, night bars with national colour and European level of service;
- fine opportunities for active rest in mountains and desert.
Alongside with excursion program you will be able to:
- visit the dramatized historical ceremonies and folklore shows;
- take pleasure with oriental dances in former Khans harem;
- learn to prepare original Uzbek pilaw and round bread;
- weave carpets;
- make a jug in a workshop of the potter;
- pass through picturesque desert on baktrian camel back;
- ride on graceful akhaltekin horses;
- swim and to fish in huge lakes surrounded by sands;
- reach inaccessible mountains on helicopter and to lead picnic on mountain river side;
- spend the night in traditional nomads abodes – yurtas;
- listen to local akyn songs at a fire under extraordinary bright oriental constellations;
- visit exotic national-sports and holidays wrestling, horse wrestling for goat’s carcass, rams, cocks fighting;
- taste collection wines;
- get original hand-made souvenirs.

The tours can be organized in your own dates / any number of pax, cost & conditions are available upon request.


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Tashkent Hotels:

http://buxara.org/en/images/20141204231340627.jpg  City Palace ****
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141205000714924.jpg  Dedeman ****
http://buxara.org/en/images/20150319002025770.jpg  Grand Atlas ****
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141205004758494.jpg  Grand Bek ****
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141204230005533.jpg  Grand Mir Hotel *****
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141211015538543.jpg  Grand Orzu ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141203015106215.jpg  International *****
http://buxara.org/en/images/20150212044649161.jpg  LOTTE City ****
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141211021204565.jpg  Malika ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141208233919721.jpg  Oazis Asaka ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141212015431212.jpg  Orzu **
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141205014800644.jpg  Radisson SAS *****
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141205020435525.jpg  Ramada ****
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141211022334592.jpg  Rovshan ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20170524024107725.jpg  Samir ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20160712072932887.jpg  Sofiya ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141204235957928.jpg  Uzbekistan ****

Samarkand Hotels:

http://buxara.org/en/images/20141216015628799.jpg  Antica **
http://buxara.org/en/images/20160712071540611.jpg  Astor ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20150406055407750.jpg  Bibikhanum **
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141216020731737.jpg  Emir **
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141216004707530.jpg  Furkat **
http://buxara.org/en/images/20150226025408434.jpg  Ideal **
http://buxara.org/en/images/20150406052131206.jpg  Jahon Palace ****
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141216232526780.jpg  Kamila **
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141215233348740.jpg  Konstantin ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141216015230668.jpg  Latif **
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141215005424855.jpg  Malika Prime ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141216000515912.jpg  Orient Star ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141216002325769.jpg  Royal Palace ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141215230236278.jpg  Shaxzoda Lux ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141216013902779.jpg  Zarina **

Bukhara Hotels:

http://buxara.org/en/images/20141217000029839.jpg  Amelia ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141218021431513.jpg  Amulet B&B
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141218012311324.jpg  Farkhad&Maya B&B
http://buxara.org/en/images/20150330023318938.jpg  Hovli Poyon ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141218011055136.jpg  K.Komil B&B
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141217234558732.jpg  Lyabi House ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141218234606470.jpg  Malikjon B&B
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141218023132560.jpg  Nodirbek **
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141216235721655.jpg  Old City ***
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141218023443730.jpg  Olmos B&B
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141219001120952.jpg  Otkirbek GUEST HOUSE
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141218011418831.jpg  Salom Inn B&B
http://buxara.org/en/images/20150226232109988.jpg  Suhrob Barzu B&B

Khiva Hotels:

http://buxara.org/en/images/20141229014213733.jpg  Arkonchi **
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141229015033372.jpg  Islambek B&B

Country Hotels:

http://buxara.org/en/images/20150319011746271.jpg  Asia Chimgan Country
http://buxara.org/en/images/20160223002637774.jpg  Layner Country
http://buxara.org/en/images/20141229015843799.jpg  Nebesa Country

Silk Road to Asia Travels

• Travel Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Kazakhstan China Uzbekistan   • Outdoor routes in Tien-Shan, Pamir, Karakoram and Himalayas   • Fixed dates
Himalayan Adventures
Everest BC trek
Everest BC trek
1250 $
Annapurna BC trek
Annapurna BC trek
1350 $
Trekking in Himalayas
Trekking in Himalayas
950 $
Anapurna Base Camp Trek. Guaranteed departure dates Anapurna Base Camp Trek. Guaranteed departure dates www
An absolutely scenic trek all the way to Annapurna base camp the trail passes through a range of different climate, vegetation and cultures. See also >>>
Rating: 640
Fann Mountains. Trekking in Fann Mountains Fann Mountains. Trekking in Fann Mountains www
The route description 12-14 days (FT1 - the Necklace of Fann mountains). The fixed dates of program - 21.06-4.07, 10.07-23.07, 27.07-9.08, 15.08-28.08, 1.09-14.09, 19.09-2.10, 5.10-18.10 .
Rating: 589
Everest Easy Trek Everest Easy Trek www
Everest Easy Trek is one of the shortest treks in Everest region. It is not so difficult trekking as other and especially for those who have a dream to see the top of the world and have less time or too old or who cannot walk much distance. Everest Easy Trek is available for all season but we recommend to visit at the best time that is from March to May and September to November. See also another itinerary of same duration.
Rating: 523
Island Peak (6189 m) expedition Island Peak (6189 m) expedition www
Climbing island peak is very easy so the climbers from the different parts of the world are interested to attempt it. Mt. Everest, Mt Makalu, Mt. Lhotse and many other mountains are visible in the route. Fixed Dates - October 4, 25 - November 12; March - 11; April 25; May 6, 12, 18. See also >>>
Rating: 503
Annapurna Royal Trek Annapurna Royal Trek www
Royal Trek in Annapurna is a one of the most stunning trekking route of the Annapurna Region Trekking Package. Royal Trek in Annapurna allows trekkers for Kathmandu sightseeing, tour in the Pokhara city, stunning views of mountains of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Range, a great view of Mt. Machapuchchre and many other beautiful Himalayas of Nepal.
Rating: 501
Jomsom - Muktinath Trek Jomsom - Muktinath Trek www
This Classic soft adventure trek Follows Kali Gandaki, through the world deepest valley & emerge at Jomsom, nestled between the mighty Dhaulagiri & Nilgiri, on the borders of Mustang, which is popularly known as the Himalayan Shangri-la.
Rating: 499
Mt. Manaslu (8163m) Expedition. Mt. Manaslu (8163m) Expedition. www
See also >>>
Rating: 499
Everest base camp trek. Guaranteed departure dates Everest base camp trek. Guaranteed departure dates www
A very popular trekking destination for its bizarre variations, difficulties and adventurous approach along with the loyal and friendly Sherpa inhabitants, Everest Base Camp Trek has been one of the most famous trekking destinations since the very first expedition to Everest Summit in 1953 by Sir Edmond Hilary and Tenzing Norgey. See also >>>
Rating: 496
Gokyo Ri - Kala Pattar Trek Gokyo Ri - Kala Pattar Trek www
Everest trek through Gokyo Lakes will offer you to explore the fabulous Gokyo valley, source of the grand Dudh Koshi River - the large Ngojumba Glacier, the famous Cho La pass, and the renowned viewpoints of Gokyo Ri and Kala Patthar along with Everest Base Camp. See also >>>
Rating: 490
Upper Mustang Trekking Upper Mustang Trekking www
Mustang, "The Forbidden Kingdom" is situated north of the Himalayas and juts out onto the Tibetan Plateau. The region of Mustang has more in common culturally and geographically with Tibet than it does with the rest of Nepal. See also >>>
Rating: 482
Mt. Gyajikang 7038m. Expedition Mt. Gyajikang 7038m. Expedition www
Mt. Gyajikang 7038m lies in Nar Phu Valley and it is a part of Manang District. The most direct route from Kathmandu to Nar and Phu village start from Besi Shahar or Khudi along with Marshyangdi River to Koto and enter the Narphu valley. Beside above there is a possibility to fly into Hongde airport either from Kathmandu by charter flight or from Pokhara.
Rating: 481
Annapurna Circuit Trek – 20 Days Annapurna Circuit Trek – 20 Days www
Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the classic and most rewarding treks on the western hills in Nepal offering grand view of the three highest 8000m mountain ranges. See also >>>
Rating: 478
Ghorepani Trek Ghorepani Trek www
This Ghorepani trek is an easy trek and is a very popular one in Nepal. The highest point of this trek (3200 m) and for many the highlight is an early morning pilgrimage to Poon Hill for a spectacular sunrise over the Himalayas. See also >>>
Rating: 472
Ama Dablam (6812m) expedition Ama Dablam (6812m) expedition www
Climbing Ama Dablam expedition is regarded the most fascinating and exciting one because of its beauty and challenging peak of (6812m) in Everest region. Fixed dates are April 10; 18 and 21 October. See also >>>
Rating: 463
Lower Dolpo Trek Lower Dolpo Trek www
Lower Dolpo Trek is an outstanding trek in the isolated area of west Nepal where trek can also be done even in the mid monsoon as it lies in the rain shadow area formed by the Dhaulagiri & Annpurna ranges. See also >>>
Rating: 461
Langtang Valley Trek Langtang Valley Trek www
Langtang Valley trek is an easy and enjoyable destination from 19 miles north of Kathmandu and close to the border of Tibet. it offers the shortest approach to snowy mountains from Kathmandu. See also >>>
Rating: 460
Communism Peak and Korzhenevskaya Peak expedition Communism Peak and Korzhenevskaya Peak expedition www
Communism (Ismoil Somoni) Peak (7495 m) and Korzhenevskaya (7105 m) Peak expedition. Mountaineering program 2017.
Rating: 444
Mera Peak (6654m) climbing Mera Peak (6654m) climbing www
Mera Peak (6654m) is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. Itinerary 22 days. Dates: March 5; April 5; Sept 20; Oct 9. See also >>>
Rating: 426
Lobuche Peak Climbing (6145 m) Lobuche Peak Climbing (6145 m) www
Lobuche is one of the popular trekking peaks in Nepal. Many climbers visit this peak every year. Fixed dates: 1-October & 10-April. See also >>>
Rating: 415
Muztagh Ata 7546 m Expedition Muztagh Ata 7546 m Expedition www
Guaranteed departure date expedition Muztagh Ata peak: 08.06.-02.07 - Ski-tour; 29.06.- 23.07.; 06.07.-30.07.; 20.07.-13.08.; 27.07.- 20.08.
Rating: 381
Gasherbrum-II (8035-M) Expedition 2018 Gasherbrum-II (8035-M) Expedition 2018 www
Gasherbrum-II (8035-M) Expedition 2018 Guaranteed departure date expeditions. Dates: 1st Departure 16-06-2018 - 08-08-2018 2nd Departure 24-06-2018 - 15-08-2018
Rating: 342
 K-2 (8611-M) Expedition 2018. K2 mountaineering K-2 (8611-M) Expedition 2018. K2 mountaineering www
K-2 (8611-M) Expedition 2018 Guaranteed departure date expedition. Fixed date 15-06-2018 to 15-08-2018
Rating: 285
Nanga Parbat (8126-M) Expedition 2018 Nanga Parbat (8126-M) Expedition 2018 www
Nanga Parbat 8126 m 50 days expedition. Fixed dates: 1st Departure 23-05-2018 to 12- 07-2018; 2nd Departure 05-06-2018 to 25-07-2018
Rating: 285
Gasherbrum-I (8068m) Expedition 2018 Gasherbrum-I (8068m) Expedition 2018 www
Program: Gasherbrum-I (8068m) Expedition 2018, 1st Departure 16-06-2018 to 08-08-2018, 2nd Departure 24-06-2018 to 15-08-2018
Rating: 272
Mt. Everest, South (8848m) Expedition. Spring 2018, 2019, 2020 Mt. Everest, South (8848m) Expedition. Spring 2018, 2019, 2020 www
Mt. Everest, South (8848m) Expedition Spring 2018, 2019, 2020. 64 day program. Full board, fixed date 1 April See also >>>>
Rating: 251
Broad Peak 8047-M Expedition 2018 Broad Peak 8047-M Expedition 2018 www
Broad Peak Expedition 2018. Fixed dates: 1st Departure 15-06-2018 03-08-2018, 2nd Departure 25-06-2018 13-08-2018
Rating: 239
Cho-Oyu Expedition (8201m)-43 Days Cho-Oyu Expedition (8201m)-43 Days www
Cho-Oyu is sixth highest mountain in the world. It is about 8,201m (26906 ft) above sea level. Cho Oyu means "Turquoise Goddess" in Tibetan. Cho Oyu is considered the easiest 8,000m peak to climb. Full board & (or) Base Camp Service optional. Dates: 8.04.2018 & 4.09.2018 See also >>>
Rating: 239
Mt. Everest, North (8848m) Expedition. Spring 2018/2019/2020 Mt. Everest, North (8848m) Expedition. Spring 2018/2019/2020 www
Mt. Everest, North (8848m) Expedition Spring 2018/2019/2020. 54 day program. Fixed date 8 April. See also >>>
Rating: 233
Gasherbrum I & II Double header expedition Gasherbrum I & II Double header expedition www
FIXED DATES FOR 2018: 1st Departure - 16-06-2018 to 08-08-2018 2nd Departure - 24-06-2018 to 15-08-2018
Rating: 230
 Broad Peak & K-2 (8611-M) Expedition 2018. K2 mountaineering Broad Peak & K-2 (8611-M) Expedition 2018. K2 mountaineering www
Broad Peak & K-2 (8611-M) Expedition 2018 Guaranteed departure date expedition. Fixed date 15-06-2018 to 20-08-2018
Rating: 136
Spantik (7027-M) Expedition 2018 Spantik (7027-M) Expedition 2018 www
Spantik (7027-M) Expedition 2018. Fixed dates: 1st Departure 01-07-2018 to 01-08-2018; 2nd Departure 31-07-2018 to 31-08-2018
Rating: 135
Annapurna Mini Circuit trek Annapurna Mini Circuit trek www
This is the ideal trek for all those travelers who would like to experience Nepal’s classic Annapurna circuit trek in a short time frame.
Rating: 48
Dhaulagiri Expedition (8,167m) 2018/2019/2020 Dhaulagiri Expedition (8,167m) 2018/2019/2020 www
Dhaulagiri Expedition (8,167m). Full Board and Base Camp Service. Dates Apr 15/Sep 15.
Rating: 38
Lenin Peak Fixed Dates Guided Lenin Peak Fixed Dates Guided www
Guaranteed departure date expeditions to "Lenin peak 2018" with experienced guide. Dates: 01.07.2018 – 22.07.2018; 23.07.2018 - 12.08.2018;27.07.2018 - 16.08.2018; 11.08.2018 - 31.08.2018
Rating: 29
Special Nepal Tour Special Nepal Tour www
This Special Nepal Tour takes you all the way through the most demanded spots available all around the country. The tour covers most of the destinations that were highly admired by previous explorers. This special tour offers a great opportunity to explore the unique combination of culture and heritages of the country.
Rating: 25
Fixed dates expedition to Lenin Peak Fixed dates expedition to Lenin Peak www
Climb Lenin Peak. All inclusive GUIDED tour. Guaranteed departure date expedition to Lenin Peak with experienced mountaineering guide.
Rating: 23
Pobeda Peak Expedition. Jengish Chokusu Peak Climbing 2018 Pobeda Peak Expedition. Jengish Chokusu Peak Climbing 2018 www
Key Information, Pobeda Peak Expedition (7.439 m), Route Description, Basic program, Costs and other details, Your guides, Mountain Safety, Helicopter flights timetable for 2018
Rating: 21
Khan-Tengri Peak Expedition 2018. Khan Tengry Peak Climbing Khan-Tengri Peak Expedition 2018. Khan Tengry Peak Climbing www
Climb Khan-Tengri Peak. Base Camp South Inylchek will be active between 1st of July and 31st of August in 2018.
Rating: 21
Special offer Lenin Peak 2018 Special offer Lenin Peak 2018 www
Climb Lenin Peak with maximum comfortable packs, ideal for entry-level climbers. Tents on 5300 m, 6200 m; group equipment: rope, gas and gas stoves, cooking set; high altitude food
Rating: 21
Pamiro-Alay Trekking, Pamiro–Alai, Turkestan Ridge Pamiro-Alay Trekking, Pamiro–Alai, Turkestan Ridge www
We offer simple trekking via Turkestansky Range located in one of the most beautiful region of Pamir-Alai. The spectacular summits with sides converging at an altitude of 5000m sharp peaks likewise gigantic dice, adorn the wide ridge of watershed of Aksu and Karavshin gorges.
Rating: 20
Expedition «3 7000+m peaks of Pamir» Expedition «3 7000+m peaks of Pamir» www
Expedition «3 7000+m peaks of Pamir»; Basic program Bishkek-Dushanbe
Rating: 20
Khan Tengri BC trek + Khan Tengri climbing Khan Tengri BC trek + Khan Tengri climbing www
Acclimatization trek from «At-Jailoo» 2500m to BC «South Inylchek» 4100m + Khan Tengri climbing in one package
Rating: 20
Special offer for Khan Tengri Peak expedition 2018 Special offer for Khan Tengri Peak expedition 2018 www
Guaranteed departure dates for an expedition with an experienced mountaineering guide: 4 August to 24 August 2018
Rating: 19
Experienced Climbing in Ala-Archa Experienced Climbing in Ala-Archa www
Leader Climb (7-days program) by the price 970 USD per person. Optional two-days programs “Leader climb”.
Rating: 19
Speed climbing to Lenin peak. Speed climbing to Lenin peak. www
Speed ascent to Lenin peak. Lenin Peak is the highest summit of Zailiysky Range. Its height is 7134 meters above sea level.
Rating: 19
Ski touring and Backcontry at Lenin peak Ski touring and Backcontry at Lenin peak www
Price is 950$ per person (full board). If the group 4+ - leader goes for free. Cost of the guide - $2000 for 2-4 persons. If the group consist of more than 4 pax - assistant of the guide is required. The best time is the beginning of a season of July - 1.07.
Rating: 19

Mountain Guides Consortium
Island Peak (6189 m) expedition

Island Peak (6189 m) expedition

Fixed dates - 4, 25.10; 12.11; 14.02; 11.03; 25.04; 6, 12, 18.05

Island peak climbing and EBC trek is one of the classic treks into Khumbu region that takes you to some of the most scenic places such as Kalapathar, Everest base camp.

Day 01 : Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 02 : Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Day 03 : Flight to Lukla & to Phakding [2652m]
Day 04
: Trek to Namche [3450m]
Day 05 : Rest day in Namche
Day 06 : Trek to Thyanboche [3867m]
Day 07 : Trek to Pheriche [4252m]
Day 08
: Rest day in Pheriche
Day 09 : Trek to Lobuche [4930m]
Day 10 : Trek to Gorak Shep [5184m]
Day 11 : Trek to Everest base camp [5357m]
Day 12 : Trek to Dingboche [4350m]
Day 13 : Trek to Chukhung [4750m]
Day 14 : Trek to island peak base camp [5150m]
Day 15 : Trek to high camp
Day 16 : Ascent of island peak [6173m]
Day 17
: Spare day
Day 18 : Trek to Pangboche [3950m]
Day 19 : Trek to Namche [3450m]
Day 20 : Trek to Lukla [2800m]
Day 21 : Fly to Kathmandu

Author: ClimberCA - International consortium

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