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Uzbekistan tours
Uzbekistan is a country with an ancient history and the culture having more than 25 centuries, with legendary fantastic Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva cities. Uzbekistan is:
- oriental hospitality and goodwill, exotic, abundance of noisy and picturesque markets;
- warm stable weather-10 months a year;
- hotels, restaurants, night bars with national colour and European level of service;
- fine opportunities for active rest in mountains and desert.
Alongside with excursion program you will be able to:
- visit the dramatized historical ceremonies and folklore shows;
- take pleasure with oriental dances in former Khans harem;
- learn to prepare original Uzbek pilaw and round bread;
- weave carpets;
- make a jug in a workshop of the potter;
- pass through picturesque desert on baktrian camel back;
- ride on graceful akhaltekin horses;
- swim and to fish in huge lakes surrounded by sands;
- reach inaccessible mountains on helicopter and to lead picnic on mountain river side;
- spend the night in traditional nomads abodes – yurtas;
- listen to local akyn songs at a fire under extraordinary bright oriental constellations;
- visit exotic national-sports and holidays wrestling, horse wrestling for goat’s carcass, rams, cocks fighting;
- taste collection wines;
- get original hand-made souvenirs.

The tours can be organized in your own dates / any number of pax, cost & conditions are available upon request.


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Samarkand sights

Resources: 21

  1. Registan Registan www
    The Registan was the heart of the ancient Samarkand. The name means "Sandy place". The ensemble of three madrasahs is a unique example of town-planning art a remarkable pattern of the architectural design of the main town square.
    Rating: 679

  2. Bibi-Khonym Mosque Bibi-Khonym Mosque www
    After his Indian campaign, Tamerlane in 1399 decided to undertake the construction of a gigantic cathedral mosque in his new capital, Samarkand. To this day the mosque known as the Bibi-Khanym still overawes in its size and magnificence.
    Rating: 510

  3. Gur Emir Gur Emir www
    The Gur-e Amir (also Gur Emir) is the mausoleum of the Asian conqueror Tamerlane (also known as Timur) in Samarkand (now in Uzbekistan). It occupies an important place in the history of Islamic Architecture as the precursor and model for the great Mughal tombs of Humayun in Delhi and the Taj Mahal in Agra, built by Timur's descendants, the ruling dynasty of North India.
    Rating: 500

  4. The Shakh-I-Zinda Ensemble The Shakh-I-Zinda Ensemble www
    It is situated in the northeastern part of Samarkand. The name Shakh-I-Zinda - "The living king" is connected with the legend that Kusam ibn Abbas, the cousin of the prophet Muhammad was buried there. As if he came to Samarkand with the Arabian invasion in the 7th century to preach Islam. Popular legends speak that he was beheaded for his faith. But he took his head and went into the deep well (Garden of Paradise), where he's still living now.
    Rating: 485

  5. The Mausoleum  of Abu Mansur Matridiy The Mausoleum of Abu Mansur Matridiy www
    The mausoleum stands to the East from Registan.
    Rating: 458

  6. Ruhabad Mausoleum (14th c.) Ruhabad Mausoleum (14th c.) www
    This small Mausoleum is said to contain a hair of Prophet Muhammad.
    Rating: 420

  7. The Segment of Territory of Former Palace Of Timur Kok Saray. The Segment of Territory of Former Palace Of Timur Kok Saray. www
    The Segment of Territory of Former Palace Of Timur Kok Saray.
    Rating: 417

  8. Mausoleum of Bibi-Khonym Mausoleum of Bibi-Khonym www
    It is said that Saray mulk Khanym managed the construction of another building opposite the Bibi-Khanym, which by tradition is identified as the Mausoleum of Bibi-Khanym.
    Rating: 405

  9. The mausoleum of Khodja Abdu Darun 12-15th c. The mausoleum of Khodja Abdu Darun 12-15th c. www
    A delicate ensemble and pilgrim site with minaret, houze and aywan, built at the tomb of the Arabic lawyer of the 9th century Abdu-Al Mazeddin, who was a relative of Khalif Osman, also known as Khodja Abdu Darun. The ensemble is located in cemetery in southeastern part of Samarkand. It is said a portal of the mausoleum was decorated with tigers but much earlier than Sher-Dor of Registan.
    Rating: 393

  10. Khodja-Nisbatdor Mosque Khodja-Nisbatdor Mosque www
    The functioning Mosque of the 19th century to the South from Registan square.
    Rating: 393

  11. The museum of formation of Samarkand on Afrosiab. The museum of formation of Samarkand on Afrosiab. www
    The museum is located on the site of ancient settlement called Afrosiab. The archeological excavation, beared outstanding results, was started here in 1894. The revelations of Afrosiab narrate about the history and culture of Sogdiana, an ancient Persian province, 6-8 centuries. The wall-paintings from the palace of local governors come first among those revelations.
    Rating: 388

  12. Khazrat-Khizr Mosque Khazrat-Khizr Mosque www
    Khazrat-Khizr Mosque is one of the most ancient edifices of Samarkand, which was destroyed by Genghis Khan's hordes. It was rebuilt in 19 century. A beautiful Mosque stands on the elevation at the entrance of town from where a picturesque outlooks to Bibi-Khonym Mosque, the big bazaar and the mountains in the South appear.
    Rating: 377

  13. The observatory and memorial museum of Ulugbek. The observatory and memorial museum of Ulugbek. www
    Two kilometers northeast of center of Samarkand stands the museum and what had remained of the former observatory. The subterranean part of the sextant is preserved. Ulugbek was the grandson of Tamerlane the Great. He was the scientist, the intellectual and the patron of arts. His scientific and astronomical discoveries greatly advanced knowledge in these fields. Therefore obscurants held grudge against Ulugbek and finally they killed him even though he was the ruler. Then they have destroyed the observatory. When in 1941 all the graves in Gur-Emir mausoleum have been opened the historical information about the assassination of Ulugbek was confirmed.
    Rating: 375

  14. The Mausoleum of Khodja  Doniyor (Prophet Daniel) The Mausoleum of Khodja Doniyor (Prophet Daniel) www
    The prophet Daniel is respected by three religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The mausoleum itself was built in 1900. But before mausoleum was built, there was the grave and the mosque built in Tamerlane's time. The mausoleum is said to contain the arm of Prophet Daniel. As if this relic was brought to Samarkand by Tamerlane the Great from Mecca. The length of the tomb is about 18 meters. It is far larger than is necessary for a simple arm bone. This phenomena is explained by two ways. One version states that the arm bone miraculously grows larger with each passing year. Another story narrates that the prophet simply was a giant and the tomb's length points out to his true stature.
    Rating: 371

  15. Aksaray Mausoleum Aksaray Mausoleum www
    The mausoleum Aksaray (15th c.), unrestored, located on the quiet street behind Gur-Emir. For the time being is not very attractive.
    Rating: 363

  16. Kok Mosque Kok Mosque www
    Old functioning Mosque to the North from Registan square.
    Rating: 362

  17. Ishrat-Khana (Ishratkhona) - 1464. Ishrat-Khana (Ishratkhona) - 1464. www
    Opinions differ as to the purpose the building served in its time. Some consider it was a burial-place for the women of the royal blood. Unrestored, the ruins are still inspiring in harmonious planning details. One of the first examples of cupola ceiling. The building is located in southeastern part of the city.
    Rating: 360

  18. The ancient trading dome Chorsu The ancient trading dome Chorsu www
    Straight behind Sher-Dor the ancient trading dome Chorsu is situated. Now it is well restored.
    Rating: 351

  19. Khodja Zuemurod Mosque Khodja Zuemurod Mosque www
    The functioning Mosque to the North from Registan square.
    Rating: 348

  20. Namazgokh Mosque Namazgokh Mosque www
    Formerly the out-of-town mosque it was a place for Muslim worship (namaz). Commonly, namazgokhs had pools (locally called hauz) and were surrounded by shady trees. Twice a year on religious high days there were gathering many Muslim believers from all places around.
    Rating: 340

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