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Uzbekistan tours
Uzbekistan is a country with an ancient history and the culture having more than 25 centuries, with legendary fantastic Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva cities. Uzbekistan is:
- oriental hospitality and goodwill, exotic, abundance of noisy and picturesque markets;
- warm stable weather-10 months a year;
- hotels, restaurants, night bars with national colour and European level of service;
- fine opportunities for active rest in mountains and desert.
Alongside with excursion program you will be able to:
- visit the dramatized historical ceremonies and folklore shows;
- take pleasure with oriental dances in former Khans harem;
- learn to prepare original Uzbek pilaw and round bread;
- weave carpets;
- make a jug in a workshop of the potter;
- pass through picturesque desert on baktrian camel back;
- ride on graceful akhaltekin horses;
- swim and to fish in huge lakes surrounded by sands;
- reach inaccessible mountains on helicopter and to lead picnic on mountain river side;
- spend the night in traditional nomads abodes – yurtas;
- listen to local akyn songs at a fire under extraordinary bright oriental constellations;
- visit exotic national-sports and holidays wrestling, horse wrestling for goat’s carcass, rams, cocks fighting;
- taste collection wines;
- get original hand-made souvenirs.

The tours can be organized in your own dates / any number of pax, cost & conditions are available upon request.


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Tashkent sights

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  1. Madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh Madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh www
    The Madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh, built up in 16th century, initially was a complex, which comprised mosque, bathhouse and madrasah. The place, where the complex is located, formerly called Yangi Mahalla, was one of the public centers. Originally the Abdulkasim Sheikh Madrassah was a single-storey building. In 1864 when it was rebuilt a second storey was made. The Madrasah has its well-shaped portal with arch. The arcades and two towers (guldasta) at the corners flanked portal on either side. The square-shaped courtyard had a mosque, lecture rooms and is still fringed by the dormitory cells in which students lived. For a long time Abdulkasim Sheikh Madrasah stood on the back street. Yet, recently it has acquired a new stately neighbor, Parliament's building. In combination with modern, the historical building looks even more attractive. The madrasah proportions: outward: 65 x 43 m., courtyard: 28 x 22 m.
    Rating: 397

  2.  Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur (Sheihantaur) Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur (Sheihantaur) www
    Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur (Sheihantaur) was born at the end of 13th century. He came from the family of Saints (Khodja), who were the offspring of Muhammad prophet. His birth-place was a mountain settlement Bogiston close to actual Charvak Lake. His father, Sheikh Omar, is believed was the direct descendant in the seventeenth generation of the second godly caliph Omar ibn al-Hattab and was the devoted Sufi, one of the followers of dervish Hasan Bulgari. Young Sheihantaur was initiated into obedience among dervishes of Jassy town (Turkestan) where already at that time there was a cult of Sufi poet Ahmad Yassavi. After long wanderings around Maverannakhr, Sheihantaur came to Tashkent where he remained in memory of people as wisest of the wisest. The Sheikh died between 1355 and 1360.
    Rating: 389

  3. Zangiata Mausoleum Zangiata Mausoleum www
    The mausoleums of Zangiata - Sufi, who was very popular in Tashkent, and of his wife Ambar bibi - were conceivably built by Tamerlane in the nineties the 14th century. The real name of Zangiata was Sheikh Ay-Khodja. The nickname Zangiata means "black". He came from the family of descendants of Khazret Arslan bobo; and also he was the fifth "murid" of Sufi Khodja Ahmad Yassavi considered as a spiritual forefather of all Turkic tribes of Central Asia and Kazakhstan.
    Rating: 384

  4. Dzhuma Mosque (the Main Friday Mosque) Dzhuma Mosque (the Main Friday Mosque) www
    The first building of Dzhuma Mosque (the Main Friday Mosque) was built in 1451 at the expense of Sheikh Uboydullo Khodja Ahror (1404-1490).
    Rating: 370

  5. Qaldirghochbiy Mausoleum Qaldirghochbiy Mausoleum www
    Qaldirghochbiy Mausoleum is a burial vault with pyramidal dome, which is uncommon for Uzbekistan. Tole-biy (Qaldirghochbiy) is a legendary judge from Duglat tribe, which once actually ruled Tashkent. The Mausoleum was erected in the first half of the 15th century. The yard and decoration were not kept safe. Proportions: 9.5 x 9.5 m., room: 6 x 6 m.
    Rating: 360

  6. The mausoleum of Unus-Khan The mausoleum of Unus-Khan www
    The mausoleum of Unus-Khan is located close to the mausoleum of Sheihantaur. It is the one of the two monumental buildings constructed in XV century, which still can be seen today. Unus-Khan of Mogolistan (1415-1487) was one of the Tashkent's rulers.
    Rating: 356

  7. Madrasah Kukeldash Madrasah Kukeldash www
    The Madrassah Kukeldash is one of most significant architectural sights of 16th century. The main entrance, 19.7 m. high, which is arranged as imposing portal, leads to the courtyard that is bordered by two-storied hostels in the form of sections. Each section consists of a room and entrance niche - ayvana. Two or three students occupied each room. The towers (guldasta) at the corners serve for muezzins (azanchi), when they call believers for worship (namaz). The madrasah proportions: outward: 63 x 45 m., courtyard: 38 x 87 m.
    Rating: 347

  8. Sheikh Zaynudin Mausoleum Sheikh Zaynudin Mausoleum www
    The Mausoleum of Sheikh Zaynudin Bobo is located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The Sheikh Zaynudin Bobo was a writer and popularizer of Sufi order, known as Suhrawardiyya. An accurate date of his birth is unknown. As believed Sheikh Zaynudin died when he was 95. Arguably he was a son of the founder of Suhrawardiyya order, Diya al-din Abu n-Najib as-Surawardi (1097 – 1168), who has sent his son Sheikh Zaynudin to Tashkent with the purpose to spread ideas of his order. Sheikh Zaynudin was conveyed to earth at the graveyard of Orifon village beyond the Kukcha Gate (now within the Tashkent). There is an underground cell (chillahona of 12th century) to mausoleum, where Sheikh Zaynudin conducted his 40-day meditations (chilla) and chartak dating back to the 14-th c. The mausoleum built in 16th century was rebuilt in the late 19-th century. Proportions: 18 x 16 m., 20.7 m. high.
    Rating: 343

  9. The Madrasah of Barakhan The Madrasah of Barakhan www
    The Madrasah of Barakhan was formed in 15th-16th centuries out of edifices, which occurred at different times. The initial body was a mausoleum east of the actual complex.
    Rating: 342

  10. The Mausoleum of Kaffol Shoshiy The Mausoleum of Kaffol Shoshiy www
    The mausoleum was built in honor of imam Abubakr ibn Ali ibn Ismail Al Kaffol al Shoshiy. The first burial vault was not kept safe. Actual mausoleum was built in 1542 by Gulyam Husain, who was Khan's architect at that time.
    Rating: 339

  11. Tashkent Hotels Tashkent Hotels www
    Tashkent hotels Information Booking
    Rating: 334

  12. Khalfo Bobo Mausoleum Khalfo Bobo Mausoleum www
    The mausoleum of Khalfo Bobo, 1884. The Mausoleum is a one-domed portal burial vault. It has burial places (sagana) of Khalfo Bobo and his son. Proportions: 5.5 x 6.5 m., room: 3 x 3 m.
    Rating: 314

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