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Annapurna Royal Trek
Royal Trek in Annapurna is a one of the most stunning trekking route of the Annapurna Region Trekking Package.
Royal Trek in Annapurna allows trekkers for Kathmandu sightseeing, tour in the Pokhara city, stunning views of mountains of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Range, a great view of Mt. Machapuchchre and many other beautiful Himalayas of Nepal.


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Uzbekistan tours
Uzbekistan is a country with an ancient history and the culture having more than 25 centuries, with legendary fantastic Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva cities. Uzbekistan is:
- oriental hospitality and goodwill, exotic, abundance of noisy and picturesque markets;
- warm stable weather-10 months a year;
- hotels, restaurants, night bars with national colour and European level of service;
- fine opportunities for active rest in mountains and desert.
Alongside with excursion program you will be able to:
- visit the dramatized historical ceremonies and folklore shows;
- take pleasure with oriental dances in former Khans harem;
- learn to prepare original Uzbek pilaw and round bread;
- weave carpets;
- make a jug in a workshop of the potter;
- pass through picturesque desert on baktrian camel back;
- ride on graceful akhaltekin horses;
- swim and to fish in huge lakes surrounded by sands;
- reach inaccessible mountains on helicopter and to lead picnic on mountain river side;
- spend the night in traditional nomads abodes – yurtas;
- listen to local akyn songs at a fire under extraordinary bright oriental constellations;
- visit exotic national-sports and holidays wrestling, horse wrestling for goat’s carcass, rams, cocks fighting;
- taste collection wines;
- get original hand-made souvenirs.

The tours can be organized in your own dates / any number of pax, cost & conditions are available upon request.


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Bukhara Restaurants

Resources: 9

  1. The Silk Road Spices tea house The Silk Road Spices tea house +info
    Teas: Saffron, Ginger, cofee with Cardamon, Green tea, black tea and national sweets
    Location: Halim Ibob Str. 5, Bukhara

    Rating: 116

  2. Old Bukhara Old Bukhara +info
    Cuisine: national
    Location: Samarkandskaya street, 3, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

    Rating: 112

  3. Bella Italia Bella Italia +info
    Cuisine: Italian
    Location: 125, B. Naqshbandee Str., Bukhara

    Rating: 106

  4. Wishbone Bukhara Wishbone Bukhara +info
    Cuisine: National Location: 1A, Khakikat street
    Rating: 104

  5. Minzifa Minzifa +info
    Cuisine: European, Uighur, National
    Locational: Old Town 1st trading dome

    Rating: 103

  6. Caravan Caravan +info
    cuisine: European, Uighur
    location: 12, Mukhamad Ikbol Str.
    Reference point: at 500 m from Hotel Semurg-Bukhara.
    Rating: 102

  7. Restaurant in old medresse Nodir Devon-Beghi Restaurant in old medresse Nodir Devon-Beghi +info
    Сuisine: national
    Location: Nodir Divan-Beghi Medresse, Bukhara

    Rating: 95

  8. The Old House The Old House +info
    Cuisine: European, Uighur, National
    Location: Old Jewish Quarter (previously called "Old City")

    Rating: 93

  9. Bukhara Hotels Bukhara Hotels www
    Bukhara hotels. Hotels in Bukhara. Information. Booking
    Rating: 73

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